Kevin Hart’s Gutsy Move

I was bummed last night after watching the Atlanta Falcons football team destroy the Green Bay Packers. I was just glad I decided to skip that live game and watch from my TV with my family.

The kids went to bed, and on my USA Today app I hit the alert that said: “What did you miss today?” There was something that said, “Kevin Hart apologizes to wife, kids for ‘bad error in judgment.’”

You can watch his Instagram post here.

I see this stuff far too often.

I don’t know what exactly is going on with Kevin Hart and what he did but if I had to speculate, a female is probably trying to get money from him in exchange for keeping what happened between them a secret. I don’t know the details and don’t think it is our business.

Here is what stood out to me in this post:

“I have a target on my back. Because of that, I should make smart decisions.”

“I made a bad error in judgment and put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen, and they did.”

“There are no excuses for my bad behavior.”

“I simply have to do better.”

“I would rather fess up to my mistakes.”

“It’s a shitty moment when you know you are wrong.”

The best thing that probably could have happened with Hart is someone forcing his hand to come out in front of this and own it. That is such a hard thing for anyone to do, and in situations like this it is easier to do when you can do it on your time instead of someone forcing your hand.

In the end, when you bring someone or something into the light, “Light exposes the true character of everything.” Ephesians 5:13.

Someone might not be forcing you to come clean about something, but bringing something to the light is always the best move. I watched this video with Hart many times. The first time I didn’t see what I see now. At first, I had an idea in what I would write that is different from what you have read. What it took was watching this video ten more times.

Hart is a comedian.

Hart is a family guy.

Hart plays the good guy in his movies.

All those things make this confession on his Instagram even harder. I shoot straight. I hate statements that are read, and someone else wrote them. I like it when people own their stuff. However you slice it up, 3.4 million people have watched this video on Hart’s Instagram of him owning his actions, and I think that is a gutsy move and one I can appreciate.

If you are hiding, any one of those statements that I quoted would be huge for you to deal with and harder to share with 3.4 million people. But maybe you could share with a friend, a spouse or a loved one. Start there. Be honest with someone and bring your junk to the light.

This stuff is messy. These issues won’t resolve easily for Hart and his family. These are not the things you want to read about in the USA Today and think issues like this are easier to go about outside of the public view. I know from working with thousands of people each month that there is hope for this couple, and this could be the beginning of a turning point for them in their relationship. It’s a hard lesson to learn but sounds like Kevin Hart understands this.

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