Fighting And Staying Strong

FFK-blog-2I had a fan come up to the table, who was curious at why my shirt, and our tent had XXX on it. I explained to them the mission of XXXchurch, and how it’s something I and Fit For A King strongly believe in.

As the conversation furthered, he explained how he wanted to talk to me about something he hasn’t really been able to tell anyone about, his struggle with pornography.

Our new album “Slave To Nothing” had opened his eyes to how he was being controlled by, or a “slave” to porn. He asked how a place like XXXchurch could help him.

I explained that porn addiction is not a battle easily fought alone, that you need people to talk to when struggling or needing help, and that God uses places like XXXchurch and bands like Fit For A King to be there and to help.

While it’s only been a few days, I’ve kept in touch through Facebook and he is fighting through and staying strong!

I’ll be updating your soon on the tour and more of these great conversation Fit For A King is having every day.

If you are fighting and staying strong and want some extra help sign up for the 30 Day Challenge and get encouragement in your inbox to live Porn Free and with More Purpose! Just CLICK HERE to get started!

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