The Benefits Of Foreplay While Making Love

It is vital for a lady to have a lot of foreplay because it takes them a long time than men to get to the level of arousal that is need to orgasm. A man can simply think about sex and have an instant erection whereas for women, wanting sex is simply not enough. Foreplay serves a physical and emotional purpose which helps to prepare the body and mind for sex. Women want to be kissed, caressed and hugged in order for their vagina to get lubricated which is vital for comfortable intercourse.

Foreplay is also going to help the clit to fulfill its significant role. It has the same characteristics as a penis. Blood flows into it and for a female to be able to climax, there has to be lubrication in the vagina and the clitoris must get erect. Getting stimulated is imperative to being pleasured.

Women are more than just biology. They have feelings and they need emotional reassurance that the man they are about to have sex with really wants to be with her. The duration and attention that is given during foreplay will relay that message in a way that hurried sex cannot do.

When it comes to foreplay, if anything down there is not working or hurts, you should not wonder about it but rather see a doctor. For him, it might be difficulty maintaining an erection for her it is feeling pain during intercourse.

A lot of couples are shy to ask their partners to stimulate their erogenous zones which are very pleasurable although can be seen as taboo. The back of the neck, anus and nipples have nerve endings. You should not be embarrassed. The only shame there is when it comes to prepping for sexual intercourse is a missed chance for pleasure.

As a woman, you need to stay on course. There is a time before orgasm when ladies give up thinking that nothing is going to happen. This is a self sabotaging mistake. Stay with the stimulus and an orgasm will come.

Kissing keeps a woman going. They get most of their erotic pleasure from frequent and passionate kissing. If you sense that she is starting to lose interest, kissing is the best way to bring her back into it. Take note that passionate kissing does not mean frantically swabbing out her tonsils. Mix tongue play with closed mouth kiss on her forehead, nose and eyes. She will love it a lot.