Doing the Dishes and Other Turn-Ons

billboardMarriage is hard. Even when it’s easy, it’s hard. Obviously marriage is hard when the two of you can hardly stand to be in the same room, your kids are into some weird stuff at school, and the bills are piled so high they threaten to crush you under their weight.

But even when things are going great between you, your kids are perfect angels who finish their homework on time, and there are no outside pressures, marriage is still a challenge. It’s all too easy to fall into a rut or routine and forget all the things that make your spouse – and your relationship together – special.

We want to do something about that.

Look, we know a lot of you aren’t married (yet), but we think marriage is important. We see a lot of unhealthy things like porn addiction, and oftentimes those are a result of marriages that have gone bad and broken. For those of you who are married, we think a strong marriage is a huge preventive when it comes to saying “no” to porn.

So we’ve launched a new website,, which we’ve created to be a hub of different voices from different marriage experts, all of them speaking into your marriage in different ways.

And one of the key focal points we have at Stronger Marriages is on the huge differences that small things can make in your relationship. Holding hands for no reason or tackling a load of laundry or watching the kids on a Sunday afternoon so your spouse can take that much-needed nap – these are the kinds of things that demonstrate to your spouse how much you love them, and that help your spouse develop a deeper love for you.

That’s right: doing the dishes is a turn-on.

We think these kinds of things are important, but we also understand that we often have to be reminded to do them, which is why we’ve come up with several sayings along these lines and are plastering them on billboards for Valentine’s Day.

Yep. We’re spending the holiday encouraging spouses to hold hands, not grudges.

Forever is a daily decision, so we want to inspire people to make those daily decisions in practical, tangible ways. And we think Valentine’s Day is a great way to spark a larger conversation about marriage and how, even though it’s tough, it’s worth it.

Marriage can be great. Don’t give up on yours.

Be sure to visit regularly for more great advice and practical encouragement on ways to make your marriage as strong as it can be.

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