7 Reasons Why Great Sex Is A Must In Your Marriage

Previously I wrote a blog post that was called 7 Keys To Great Sex (if you missed it go ahead and read that one first). I heard from a number of people and even talked about some of the reactions that the post got on my podcast “Craig’s Car Ride.” One thing I noticed is: when… Read more »

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5 No-Cost Christmas Gifts Dads Should Give Their Sons

I love being a Dad. It’s one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had, but despite the diapers, tantrums, spills, stains, arguments, and backtalk, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I love my kids more than I can describe in words, and I recognize that they are a gift from God. They bring me… Read more »

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Make a Difference on #GivingTuesday

 Maybe you have not heard, But Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 is #GivingTuesday!   “Why do I care?” Well, because you recognize the value in giving back and making a difference!  This month we have two days to “GET” deals – Black Friday and Cyber Monday … but we also have one day to “GIVE.” #GivingTuesday is… Read more »

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New TV Series | Sex in the Digital Age

One thing I love is when Christian organizations aren’t afraid to talk about real stuff… stuff like sex, porn, and the like. That’s why I’m really stoked to tell you that we’ve partnered with God TV in putting out a 6 episode TV series called Sex in the Digital Age.   Watch this short promo…. Read more »

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Goodnight Hugh Hefner

I was on Instagram today and saw an image of Hugh Hefner looking fly. I didn’t read the caption but I just kept scrolling but I was thinking about him the rest of the day. Rachel from our team texted me minutes ago and said “Hugh Hefner Died.” I remember seeing my first Playboy in…

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Today is the Last Day

Today is the last day you’ll have the chance to purchase the New X3pure and get one year of Small Groups Online included with your purchase. X3pure costs $199. One year of groups is worth $468. You get both for just $199 but only until midnight tonight. Here’s what you’ll experience when you purchase the…

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The New X3pure Is Here!

I’m not going to keep you long today – just a quick note… The New X3pure is available right now! Watch this video to learn more.     Sign up today to get everything this workshop includes: Digital copy of the book Pure Eyes The X3pure workbook, chocked full of recovery tools and worksheets. 15 teaching…

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