25 Days of Christmas – Free Stuff and Discounts Every Day

25-days-christmas-blog2I know, I know… Christmas is for kids. But heck, who doesn’t love Advent Calendars.

To be honest, I don’t know what a traditional advent calendar is really for other than the basic idea of spiritual preparation for the holiday.

My memories of Advent Calendars go back to when I was a kid and we had a little cardboard calendar with these little doors on them that you opened each day, and hiding behind the door with the date on it was a candy.

Each one of us kids angled and pleaded each day with our mom to be ‘the one’ who got to open up the cardboard door for the day and get the goodie.

It was simple.

It was fun.

And it was something we looked forward to doing every single day as we counted down towards Christmas.

What I do know for sure is that Christmas is a season of giving gifts, hopefully meaningful gifts that leave a positive and lasting impact on the receiver.

This Christmas we want to do the very same thing.

As we count down to Christmas here at XXXchurch, we are going to be giving out limited daily gifts to you, our friends, family, followers and loved ones. Each daily gift or discount will be something valuable, impactful and life giving.

Each day will be a new unique gift and you never know what we will be up to!

Here are the details:

– Every day we will be emailing you a gift opportunity.

– Each gift will be limited and exclusive to that day only.

– Some gifts will be HUGE.

– Some gifts will be small.

– All the gifts will change your life or the life of someone you know.

Gifts will include but not be limited to:

– A FREE event for your church
– FREE and exclusive access to X3Pure
– Deep, deep discounts on resources like X3watch, X3pure and X3groups.
– FREE books from some of our closest friends in ministry.

Sign up now and stay connected with the all of the holiday giveaways from XXXchurch.


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